Calf sales

We sell top-quality MM, NCB and HF calf breeds only from reliable farms. The livestock we provide is characterised by natural and superfast weight gain. They also have an excellently developed immune system, to which they owe their superb health and condition. We offer animals in the weight range from 50 to 90 kg aged 2 to 8 weeks, both bull calves and heifers. All the animals offered by us have passed the required veterinary examinations. We are able to provide 350-550 calves every week. Calf sales takes place under veterinary supervision.

Top quality guarantee

The farms we cooperate with are free from communicable diseases, and we monitor their status regularly. Bull calves for sale undergo regular health examinations to guarantee their good health. We enable our Customers to select the animals themselves according to their individual preferences. We provide daily deliveries with an option of transport directly to your farm. We are aware that the transported bulls must be suitably prepared, which is why we ensure good livestock transport conditions to meet all the required veterinary standards.

Long-standing experience on the market

We pay special attention to the quality of our services, which is why we take into account the opinions of all our Customers concerning both breeding and transactions. We also provide credit options, offering very favourable conditions of cooperation. For large orders for our regular customers we can negotiate prices and payment deadlines. Thanks to our long-standing experience in the agricultural sector, we are aware that the needs of our customers vary considerably. This is why we apply an individual approach to each customer. Contact us to benefit from our service range

Services designed for customers from all across Poland

Our livestock sales points are located in the Mazowieckie and Wielkopolskie Provinces, but we can provide our services to farms all over Poland, ensuring direct, secure livestock deliveries. Since our customers include both small businesses and large companies, we have extensive experience. We are constantly developing, offering state-of-the-art calf sales solutions. We offer professional advice in livestock selection. Contact us to benefit from our service range!

What is our specialisation?
Rogofarm specialises in the purchase and wholesale and retail sale of calves. We offer livestock for further breeding. We have over 25 years’ experience in the industry, thanks to which we are able to tailor our services to Customers’ needs and requirements.
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Calf sales
We sell top-quality MM, NCB and HF calf breeds only from reliable farms. The livestock we provide is characterised with natural and superfast weight gain.
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Our bull calves and calves for sale are carefully selected animals characterised by excellent health and fast weight gain. We guarantee their safe transport directly to your farm.
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